wild-throne_wide-68b2776e92b07dcf12cd49218ff89366f315f227-s800-c85If you haven’t heard of Wild Throne yet, that’s okay. The Washington-based group just released their debut record for Roadrunner, Harvest of Darkness last October. Today they premiered a new music video on The Nerdist for “Fear Yourself” and it’s a must watch. They’re a band that’s hard to define to a genre, but the video definitely helps understand their music more. It’s set in a desert, the band running, frontman Josh Holland screaming, and playing in a lot of paint. It’s psychedelic and downright trippy at times, and then it’s thrashy. It’s a lot for one band to fit into a song, but Wild Throne does it well, and if you were hoping for a band to pick up the multi-genre weirdness of The Mars Volta, you’ve found it.

You’ll get a chance to see Wild Throne on tour with Kvelertak and Torche starting in April. Get those dates here.


via [The Nerdist]