Watch Zakk Wylde play Black Sabbath on a Hello Kitty Guitar

Posted by on February 29, 2016

zakkkittyMove over, Portnoy. Zakk Wylde is the new Hello Kitty master! Loudwire must have made a deal with Sanrio or something, or are hoping that lightning strikes twice after Mike Portnoy playing on a Hello Kitty drumset went viral, because if you head over to their YouTube channel, you’ll find a pretty sweet video of the Black Label Society frontman playing Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.” on a pink Hello Kitty mini-guitar.

Jokes aside, it’s damn good for being played on a kid’s toy. You’d think it would be cheesy, but it actually sounds really good. However, someone over at the site’s video department made it super cheesy by unnecessarily animating some Ozzy-looking cats into the video. At least Zakk plays it straight. Maybe Tony Iommi should invite Wylde to play during their last tour? Check out the video here:




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