Watch Metallica Perform All Four “Newish” Songs During 30th Anniversary Shows

Posted by on December 12, 2011


As you most likely know by now, Metallica surprised fans during their four 30th Anniversary shows with more than just special guests. Each night, Metallica performed a different previously unreleased song recorded during the Death Magnetic sessions. Then, following each show, the band emailed rough mixes of the tracks to fan club members.

While the band likely intended these rough mixes to be for fan club members only, the songs getting leaked online was as expected as seeing Metallica playing another unreleased track on the fourth and final night. Unfortunately, though, the leaked rough mixes are getting taken down from the web left and right. However, numerous fan filmed clips of the band performing the hidden gems live during the four night stand are still online. So in case you didn’t get the chance to hear any of the rough mixes (or just want to hear the songs again), we compiled video clips of Metallica performing the four songs into one post. You can watch Metallica performing “Hate Train,” the song played on the first night, in the video above. Metallica’s performances of the other three songs can be seen after the jump.

“Just A Bullet Away” (played on December 7, the second show)



“Hell And Back” (played on December 9, the third show)



“Rebel Of Babylon” (played on December 10, the fourth and final show)



[clips filmed by Mathiasnielsen66 and Archillica]





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