No one knows what’s happening in the universe as it’s safe to assume, anything is possible. Last week alone we saw a supermassive black hole eat a star and now, thanks to a Reddit user, there’s video of a meteor flying through the sky during Foo Fighters’ recent performance. One could theorize drummer Taylor Hawkins planned this occurrence as he managed to pause at the end of his drum solo after the song “Monkey Wrench” when the meteorite flew by just in time for the rest of the band to walk on stage. It was as though the stars were aligned perfectly that evening and the audience could have easily believed it was part of the show.

According to TVNZ, the news was confirmed by Belgium’s International Meteor Organization that the object fell at 9:09PM local time on Saturday (16th) at the Pinkpop festival in Landgraaf, Netherlands. It was also reported that this bright green meteorite known as a fireball was seen widely across Europe including Holland, Germany, and Belgium.

Check out the clip below:

Unfortunately, violence also occured at Pinkpop. A bus plunged through four festival goers during early Monday hours. One person is confirmed dead, and three are injured. The police stated the bus drove away from the scene and is currently being sought.

Festival organizers shared the following statement (transcribed via Facebook):

“Pinkpop upset after incident mensheggerweg.

We were really shocked after the news this morning that there were four victims in an incident on the mensheggerweg.

The Pinkpop festival seemed to be a great success, but the weekend is totally overshadowed by this terrible incident. We want to convey our sympathy and support to all concerned and relatives. The staff and the public were informed early this morning. We wish all concerned a great deal of strength.

Jan Smeets,