Watch first official Download Pilot UK highlight video

Posted by on June 23, 2021


Download Pilot, you may recall, was the first camping only festival to be held at the incredible Donington Park located near Castle Donington in England. Download Festival, usually held here, was a casualty of covid in 2020. But Download Pilot was a 10,000 person capacity, camping-only festival which took place June 18-20 as part of the U.K. government’s scientific Events Research Program as a way to determine the viability of even larger, full capacity events moving forward. The festival was part of a phase two study by the UK government to study the effects of a large gathering event and to see how to increase capacity in a safe and effective way. Fans were not asked to distance or wear face coverings but they were asked to get tested before and after the event and were subject to travel precautions both to and from the festival. Download Pilot will help pave the way back to normalcy for large music events!


The first official video footage of Download Pilot in the UK can be seen below!



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