Watch Black Sabbath’s pre-tour rehearsal for the last time ever

Posted by on January 15, 2016


2016 is it for Black Sabbath. Finito, dunzo, kaput, or as Anthrax would say, over finished done gone out. But before “The End” tour kicks off on Wednesday (20), the band has to get up to speed with their set and rehearse. Today, they released a behind the scenes look at their tour. In addition to hearing some jams, it’s nice to see the band just jamming in a rehearsal studio before they play arenas. And even though Tommy Clufetos is playing with the band, he’s not featured as a talking head in the four-minute clip that went up, even if it does show him playing with them. Ozzy sounds great in the footage. Maybe too great, but if he sounds like he does in the above clip for the next handful of months, he’ll be going out on top. You can catch the band’s tour dates here.


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