Watch a Japanese mascot play blast beats

Posted by on March 6, 2017

If you thought being a Nameless Ghoul in Ghost was a thankless job, try being a Japanese cartoon mascot in a band. This dude (or lady) playing at a mall is crushing it in every way, playing blast beats along to a jaunty flute-led song. Is this the guy from Babymetal playing an off-date? Who knows, but it’s gotta be hot as hell inside that mascot suit. Perhaps the best thing about the video, other than the drummer himself, is the way that there are random people completely oblivious to what’s going on below them,in the background on escalators. We’re not sure what this is promoting, but perhaps the drummer could link up with Hello Kitty’s friend Aggretsuko and go on a whiskey bender.

[via the AV Club]

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