Video: We Wish American Idol Had More Of This

Posted by on February 8, 2011

If you’re anything like us, you probably hate American Idol and have for years. Our friend Bryan Reesman over at Attention Deficit Delerium brought these clips of foreign auditions to our attention (no pun intended), and they’re straight up awesome.  You might remember that kid singing Silverstein on the American version a few years back (which Brian’s included in his post), but this pair’s attempts to be the next (overseas) Idol knock it out of the park. The funny park, that is.


The look on the judges faces after this kid does a few bars of Cannibal Corpse’s “I Will Kill You” will most likely make your day.


But what might be even better is how out of breath the second guy gets after his attempt. Hey, if Lordi can win Eurovision, who knows what could happen?

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