Video: The Ultimate Warrior Roasts Zakk Wylde…Kind Of

Posted by on January 23, 2012


This past Thursday, January 19, Zakk Wylde was the inaugural honoree of Guitar World Magazine’s first ‘Rock & Roll Roast’. The night was filled with comedians and special guests, including Sharon Osbourne, Scott Ian, Corey Taylor and many others, ripping the Black Label Society frontman a new asshole for a good cause (with a portion of the proceeds going to the charity MusiCares). While we weren’t on hand for the Roast, one video shown at the event has made its way online. And it’s safe to say that the Ultimate Warrior has yet to master the art form of comedy.

The former WWE superstar, and now Sumerian Records’ boot camp instructor, filmed the less than five minute video as a roast to the guitarist. Instead, though, the clip comes off like a bizarre and awkward wrestling promo (with an Ultimate Warrior body pillow speaking for most of the video). Although, it was somewhat funny to hear him talking about watching Lost In Space together. Still, if this is the Warrior’s attempt at humor, then he’s seriously one dark guy.  Then again, what did we expect from a guy who is known for such bizarre promo videos like this one?

You can watch The Ultimate Warrior’s roast in the video above. However, the rest of the night was supposedly not as awkward as the Warrior’s video message. You can check out Guitar World’s recap of the night online, though our favorite joke that we saw in the recap came from Wylde himself: “Corey Taylor was in a Tenacious D cover band called Pugnacious P. Now he’s in a Nickelback cover band called Stone Sour.”

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