Video: The Grindmother is a golden girl in Brooklyn

Posted by on February 3, 2017

The Grindmother exploded out of Canada towards the end of 2015. It’s always exciting when a young new talent comes out of nowhere, but even moreso when it’s a 67 year-old talent. Consisting of Canadian grindcore band Corrupt Leaders and a member’s mother, the act recorded an album last year, and actually are doing some touring now. Donning a pair of headphones, the now-68 year-old yelled throughout a 20 minute set in front of a packed house at Brooklyn’s Silent Barn. She’s less singing and more like yelling at someone to clean up their room, but she’s pretty commanding regardless. The act also played in Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Boston, but unlike those cities, Frank Huang was on hand to capture the whole set. We’d imagine the tour rider featured sugarless candy and hot tea, and we don’t want to think about her groupies. 



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