Video: Scott Stapp takes A Day to Remember “Higher”

Posted by on July 20, 2016

While it had been reported that A Day to Remember was joined by Scott Stapp onstage at the Alternative Press Music Awards on Monday to sing Creed’s 1999 hit “Higher,” we weren’t able to find video of it when we wrote our recap of alt rock’s biggest evening. However, Starset singer Dustin Bates was there and captured the moment when Stapp takes the stage. The band are playing their song “All I Want,” and are joined by the Creed frontman. They stop for a moment, streamers come down, and then ADTR starts playing the turn of the century rock hit. It’s likely best summed up by the guy next to Dustin, who proclaims “what the fuck is happening right now?” but is singing along with the chorus by the time it hits. Nostalgia is a strange thing.


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