Video Premiere: Tales of the Tomb – “The Nightmare Hall”

Posted by on September 18, 2019

For those who enjoy horror, supernatural, and real-life terror, Edmonton’s murder metal outfit Tales of the Tomb are for you. The group willingly displays your worst nightmare into their malicious beats. Formed in 2013 by guitarist/vocalist Corey Skerlak who was inspired by the original murder metal band Macabre. Their music is mainly an exploration of the hideous crimes and conspiracies across the globe as the band dives into horrific stories of the world’s darkest secrets. In short, the band executes music that sounds exactly like it generated from hell filled with blast beats and gore-filled lyrics.  

Tales of the Tomb are gearing up for their new album Volume Two: Mendicium, which is scheduled to arrive on September 27th. Volume Two: Mendicium circles around government cover-ups, national lies, and heinous crimes. Their upcoming effort was mixed and mastered by Cryptopsy guitarist/ Head Engineer/Owner at the Grid Studios, Christian Donaldson and features a bonus track about the Japanese horror film Mermaid in a Manhole.

Today (18th), the group has teamed up with Metal Insider to premiere the lyric video for the song “The Nightmare Hall.”

The group commented:

“Nightmare Hall elaborates on underground bases built and controlled by black budget government operations in conjunction with alien beings. More specifically the underground base rumoured to be in Dulce, New Mexico. The name “Nightmare Hall” is derived directly from what the inhabitants of the base call Level 6 – The Nightmare Hall.  Level 6 houses the genetic labs where alleged experimentation being conducted on humans by alien beings. In the song, there are two quotes from Phillip Schneider who claimed to have worked in black budget programs as an aerospace engineer and came into direct contact with undiscovered elements, alien beings, and alien technology. Nightmare Hall is arguably one of our faster songs where we tried to push our limits as players. We really focused on trying to give this song a very alien atmosphere and tone to reinforce the subject of alien underground bases and technology.”

Watch the clip below and pre-order the EP here


Check out the artwork by Tony Midi of Tonymidi Artworks below:


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