Video premiere: Pirate metallers Rumahoy are having a “Forest Party”

Posted by on January 12, 2018

There’s no genre of metal that’s more fun than pirate metal. Songs of mead, plank-walking and parrots lend themselves to fun as elements of power metal and pagan themes commingle. With their debut album, The Triumph of Piracy, coming out on 2/9, North Carolina’s Rumahoy is here to step things up a notch. Need proof? While, first of all, the band’s singer is named Captain Yarrface. Also, there’s a song on the new album titled “Netflix and Yarr.” Yep, this is dumb, but it’s dumb and super fun. Today, we’re very proud and slightly ashamed to be the first to bring you Rumahoy’s debut video, “Forest Party.” Here’s what Yarrface says of the sea shanty:

“Avast, ye pirates! When we’re not busy sailing on the seas of rum and treasure, we love to quest into the forests of our native North Carolina to drink ale and plunder wenches around a heritage campfire. So come with us far away from the ice and the snow and join in our forest party! YARR!”

You can preorder The Triumph of Piracy here. It will be released on Napalm Records on February 9.



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