Video premiere: Manegarm praises Odin

Posted by on October 15, 2015


Sweden is a country that knows their pagan metal and traditions.  And with 20 years as a band, Manegarm has risen up the ranks to become one of their country’s premier pagan bands. With their eighth album, simply titled Manegarm, coming out on November 20th, the band have unveiled a video for “Odin Owns Ye All,” which we’re psyched to premiere. The video is as metal as the title, with chain mail, hooded figures in cloaks, drinking horns, swords, axes, and of course, the band playing the song, which heaps praise on the Norse god. While the band’s sound has incorporated folk metal and black metal leanings, this is a full on power metal-ly anthem. So grab a pint of mead and crank up the U.S. debut of the “Odin Owns Ye All”  video.

Manegarm will be released on November 20th on Napalm Records. You can pr-order it here and read up on them at their website.


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