Video: Nasty Savage Let Their Hair Down

Posted by on November 21, 2011


Remember Nasty Savage? We don’t either, but they were a Florida thrash band signed to Metal Blade in the mid to late ’80s before breaking up and briefly reuniting about a decade ago. At any rate, back in 1984, they cut a low budget cable commercial for Flair Family Hair Care, the place where they got their hair done. In addition to the ad being cheesy even for 1984 production values, the best part of the ad may be the shot of them getting their hair styled – but behind some oblivious kid getting a haircut. We’re presuming that they got free hair care for their appearance, just the way Cinderella hopefully got free chili dogs. And it’s nice to see that the ‘Florida Metal Blade bands appearing in low budget commercials‘ trend continues to this day.

[via Zena Metal]

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