Video: Mike Muir Of Suicidal Tendencies = Fat Bitch Magnet

Posted by on May 20, 2011


Suicidal Tendencies were performing in Sydney, Australia last weekend (May 14) when a female fan jumped on the back of singer Mike Muir and pulled off his signature bandana. While some bands would love to have female fans jumping on them and tearing off their clothes, Cyco Miko was less than happy. Once the band finished playing the song “Cyco Vision,” the singer went on a rant which included him saying “I’m not ready for a fucking fat bitch to jump on my back when I ain’t fucking lookin’…” The rant was followed by Muir inviting fans onto the stage for the song “Pledge Your Allegiance.”

The rant at first seems a bit harsh, especially since crowd surfing/on stage interaction is somewhat of a regular thing at hardcore/thrash shows. Then again, if we recently underwent back surgery like Mike Muir did, we wouldn’t want anyone jumping on our backs either, fat bitches or not. You can check out video of the incident for yourself up top (starting a little after the 20 second mark), while the rant can be seen below (starting at the 3:50 mark).


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