At this moment, almost 19,800,000 million people have watched eight year old Juliet’s “My First Hardcore Song” video. And like with any huge sensation, we knew two things would happen: 1. someone would try to capitalize on Juliet’s newfound fame, and 2. there would  be dozens of “My First Hardcore Song” copycats hitting the web. Now #2 has happened.

Meet six year old Jacob. With the help of the music duo TeraBrite, Jacob has recorded a response to Juliet, claiming he is more hardcore than she is. Like the original, Jacob and TeraBrite’s version could pass off as an actual hardcore video, and we give the little screamer credit for adding some metalcore screaming in the mix.

But let’s be honest, not only is Juliet’s video more adorable, but we’d put our money on her lasting longer in the pit than Jacob. You can determine which one is more hardcore for yourself by watching Jacob’s response video above (and don’t even act like you’ve never seen Juliet’s original video).