Metalheads tend to shun a lot of the songs played over commercial radio, and lots of times for good reason. If you sit in your car and turn the radio on, chances are you’re going to find a station or ten playing Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit “Call Me Maybe.” And even worse, the song just wrapped up nine weeks in a row as America’s #1 song. NINE WEEKS!  If only there was a metal version of this song that would make it more bearable. Well guess what? We have your solution. Meet 331Erock, real name Eric Calderone.

If you just scrolled past the above video, we recommend you go back up and watch. This guy can really shred. And what’s more, he has constructed an actual metal version of the song (rather than simply playing the melody on guitar) complete with a surprise at about the 2 minute mark that, without spoiling too much, will be sure to please fans of a certain guitar virtuoso. In addition to making pop songs better, Calderone also has metal versions of various video game, movie, and television themes. Oh, and he takes requests. So, if you have a song that could use a metal makeover, this is your guy.