Trent Reznor Channels His Inner Billy Idol In Unearthed VHS

Posted by on August 16, 2011


The genius of Nine Inch Nails and its mastermind Trent Reznor appeared to come from nowhere with the release of Pretty Hate Machine in 1989. Of course that’s not the case, as just about any musician worth their salt slogged it out in the clubs, learning their craft. Reznor is no exception, as he spent some time in Cleveland in the early and mid-’80s finding his voice. As a result, footage of him playing with a band called The Urge (not these guys) performing Billy Idol’s “Eyes Without a Face” in Cleveland has surfaced online at DangerousMinds.net, and it’s, well, um, just watch it. You can also check out a clip of him covering Joe Jackson’s “Look Sharp” in a band called Option 30, as well as some other pre-NIN Cleveland band permutations on DangerousMinds.

[via The Daily Swarm]

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