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Tool bassist Justin Chancellor recently appeared on The Vinyl Guide Podcast, revealing a potential update on the follow-up to 2019’s Fear Inoculum. Expressing,

“We’ve got many ideas cooking. We haven’t recorded anything yet. But we’re quite busy until — I guess until after the spring of next year touring. So once that’s done, we’re gonna get back in the studio and knuckle down and put some of it together. We’ve already had a few pretty decent sessions of writing. So we’ve got the ingredients in place. We’ve just gotta really bang it out and spend that time when we’re not touring.”


As Chancellor stated on the band being quite busy until at least the spring of next year, it’s difficult to see how promising this update is, considering the long wait for Fear Inoculum to arrive in the first place. However, it’s good to know there are a surplus of ideas taken from the last album to possibly add to the new record, as Chancellor later discussed:

“Yeah, tons from the last album. We have tons of ideas, but not recorded to the standard we’d put on an album. Just kind of, I’d say, lots of demoed stuff. And then just tons of ideas just kind of stored away.”


Tool recently headlined Aftershock festival, where a fan shared their entire performance on YouTube:


Following Tool’s performance at the inaugural Power Trip Festival, these progressive masters have announced 2024 Tour dates with support from Elder, which you can find all stops on the trek hereListen to the full interview here via The Vinyl Guide Podcast.


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