Threatin bassist Gavin Carney breaks his silence

Posted by on November 21, 2018

Threatin bassist Gavin Carney has broken his silence regarding the conspiracy on how Jered Threatin managed to devise a plan to book a European tour. Despite what we’ve heard from guitarist Joe Prunera and drummer Dane Davis, Carney doesn’t feel conned by Jered.

In the below video, the bassist has admitted to never physically meeting the band’s management but believed that everything seemed legit. He continued to explain how he never felt stuck but had to leave early after his family noticed Threatin’s “Fake News” post as well as the countless articles about the alleged fake band he agreed to tour with. Carney had great things to say about Threatin as he complimented his skill set, stating “I can’t imagine why he needed to fake his way through everything.”

Towards the end of the video, Carney revealed he enjoyed working with Threatin. However, he would feel “distraught, disappointed, and sad” if it turned out to be fake. Additionally, Carney pointed out it was an experience as he was granted a free Euro trip as well as having his first-ever tour one for the books.

Watch his full video statement below:

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