This Is The Weirdest Video You’ll See All Year

Posted by on March 27, 2013

What do you get when you mix a backdrop of spinning drummers, wrestling outfits, a banjo player, a lute player, masks and levitation? You get Winny Puhh, an Estonian band whose entry into the televised finals for that country to compete in the Eurovision contest sadly didn’t win. The band, who look like the offspring of a back alley encounter between Slipknot and early Mudvayne, entered the song “Meiecundimees uks Korsakob laks Eile Latti,” which roughly translates into “Meiecundimees and Korsakob Just Went to Latvia.”  “A man from our region, one named Korsakov went to Latvia yesterday.” The band made it to the finals. but for some reason, didn’t go on to compete against Tony Iommi’s bad song. Good luck seeing anything more bizarre today.

[Dangerous Minds, via Zena Metal]

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