Take a listen to “Lonely Planet,” as performed by band Dorians and their frontman Gor Sujyan. It’s pretty bad, right? Kinda generic? Well, it’s been selected as Armenia’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest – and it was co-written by Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi. The guitarist wrote the music to the rock ballad, with Vardan Zadoyan handling the lyrics. It’s a pretty nondescript song, and there’s nothing about it that would suggest that the riff lord that wrote “Iron Man,” “Paranoid” and “Children of the Grave”  was involved in it. In fact, the songwriters’ identities were initially kept a secret. “I’ve always thought ‘oh no, not the Eurovision,’ and here I am in it now,” he told the BBC. While we’re proud of Iommi, we’re hoping that this isn’t a taste of things to come from 13.