The L.I.F.E Project ft. Stone Sour’s Josh Rand and vocalist Casandra Carson drop single “A World On Fire”

Posted by on June 16, 2021


Stone Sour’s guitarist Josh Rand and vocalist Casandra Carson have teamed up for a new project dubbed, The L.I.F.E Project. The duo have dropped their third single, “A World On Fire” and will be dropping their debut self-titled EP on July 9th. Rand spoke about the single and it’s cohesive songwriting,

“When I started working on the music for ‘A World On Fire’, the idea I envisioned was to take the listener to different places within the song. From the main guitar riff to double time pre choruses to the soundscaping in the choruses. The hardest part when writing a song like that is to make sure it doesn’t feel forced or choppy and all the parts are cohesive. I feel we achieved that.”

Casandra added,

“This song is one giant metaphor for wanting to permanently log off of social media. After watching a documentary about how addictive it is and the negative impacts it has on mental health, I started realizing how much time, mental and emotional energy I was spending on it. Ever since then, I’ve started realizing I don’t need the validation of getting likes and comments to measure my happiness or self-worth.”

“The L.I.F.E. Project” EP track listing:

01) Ignite
02) Purgatory
03) The Nothingness
04) Worthwhile
05) A World On Fire

All physical copies of the EP will be signed and are now available for pre-order here. Watch “A World On Fire” below!



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