TesseracT conceal fate live, announce CD and DVD

Posted by on April 13, 2015


UK band TesseracT is well-known for their killer shows. Whether they’re performing on ice or not , the band’s live performances have made them legions of fans. Now they’re documenting it, via the CD/DVD package, Odyssey/Scala  on May 19.  Odyssey, which is the audio portion, comes from their tour throughout Europe and Russia during the Altered State Tour. The video segment, Scala, was filmed in London in November. In order to build excitement, the band let out a sneak peek for the song “Concealing Fate part 2 & 3.” They also have a trailer for Odyssey/Scala to give the fans a sample of what they can expect. It shows great talent when a band can sound just like their CD’s and TesseracT flaunts it on this.   The Altered State tour went through the UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, India, and Australia.

Here’s what you’re in store for with Odyssey/Scala:



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