Tesseract play on a stage made of ice

Posted by on April 1, 2015

Metallica played Antarctica in a dome, The Defiled played on a floating iceberg, but Tesseract played on a stage made completely out of ice. The chilly feat took place at the Snow Village in Finland, where the British band played a 75 minute outdoor set with their drummer 30′ above the stage.

Said vocalist Dan Tompkins to Metal Hammer, who were in attendance:

“It’s an honour. There are, not just so many bands, but so many people on Earth. I just kept thinking in my head ‘7 billion people on this planet. Five of us.’ We are the only five people that have done this. You know, this is why I came back to the band. For moments like this, it feels very special. We did Sonisphere and that was incredible, but this is something else.”

Tompkins sang for Tesseract from 2009 to 2011, but he rejoined the band just last year after the departure of Ashe O’Hara. The band recently cancelled two shows in Texas due to visa and timing issues, but are planning on touring the US later this year.



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