Suicide Silence play new songs live for the first time.

Posted by on February 21, 2017

This Friday, Suicide Silence will release their long-awaited self-titled album. Reaction to what’s been released so far has been mixed. And by mixed, we mean a lot of former fans are writing the band off due to Eddie Hermida’s clean singing on “Doris” and “Silence,” the first two songs that have been released. If YouTube is the judge and jury, then about twice as many people dislike the new songs as like them. That being said, the band kicked off their tour on Sunday in San Antonio, playing five songs from the forthcoming album.

The crowd that was there seemed to enjoy the new songs, four of which, including “Silence,” were played live for the first time. The new songs find them going in a lot more of a Deftones/Korn direction, and while some deathcore purists that have been with the band from the beginning might not be happy, there’s plenty more new fans that will probably be into this. In fact, maybe it’s just because the trolls aren’t out yet, but some of the new songs have more likes on Facebook than dislikes.

Suicide Silence will be released on Nuclear Blast Records on February 24th, and can be preordered here

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