Sonic Syndicate has had a rough few years. Their 2010 album, We Rule the Night, received very mixed reviews, with many criticizing it for being a heavily commercialized album. Amidst these reviews, founding vocalist Richard Sjunnesson left the band to form The Unguided, an offshoot project that quickly added other members of Sonic Syndicate, past and present, to its lineup. Guitarist Roger Sjunnesson (Richard’s brother) also left Sonic Syndicate to permanently join The Unguided in 2012, leaving their cousin Robin as the only founding member of the band left in the lineup. Add to the mix a hiatus that began in 2011 and only ended last year, and you can understand why you might not have heard much from the Swedish group until now.

However, it seems that Sonic Syndicate is now back and ready to unleash some new music. They plan to release their self-titled fourth album later this year. It will be the first release as a four-piece lineup in the band’s history. But if the new video for “Before You Finally Break” is any indication, the band doesn’t seem to have made any changes to their modern melodic death metal sound. The video also features Soilwork vocalist Bjorn “Speed” Strid on guest vocals, bringing back a bit of the dual-vocal tandem that Sonic Syndicate was always known for until recently. So without further ado, here it is – the triumphant return of Sonic Syndicate, “Before You Finally Break.”