Secrets of the Sky reveal Angel in Vines video

Posted by on May 5, 2015


On May 19th, Secrets of the Sky will release their sophomore album, Pathway, on Metal Blade. Today, they’ve unveiled a video for the album’s fourthe track, “Angel in Vines.” It’s a moody, atmospheric clip to go along with the moody, atmospheric clip. We’re not sure if the female in the clip is the angel mentioned in the clip, but there are gas masks and oil and pretty cool cinematography in the clip. Here’s what guitarist Clayton Bartholomew says about the clip:

“For this video, we went back to director Andrew Nethery, who also did the video for the song ‘Decline’ from our first record, To Sail Black Waters. He did a great job for that video and was an easy guy to work with. For the ‘Angel In Vines’ video, we let him run with his own vision. The song itself relates to the loss of innocence, and he found an interesting analogy to express this same sentiment, while keeping the video abstract and not just giving away the premise of the song. We like that he was able to avoid cliché and the imagery he was able to capture is a definite work of art on its own.”

The band will be on tour throughout May and June, and will also be playing the Metal Insider-sponsored Death To False Metal Festival on August 14th.

You can preorder Pathway here.


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