Not content with their Les Paul being the guitar of choice for many a metal musician, Gibson has launched a web series, “Four Guys at a Guitar Shop.” They’ve enlisted comedians and musicians to be those four guys, with Marc Maron, Brian Posehn, Brendon Small and John Ennis the four guys in question. It seems like the series takes a Clerks-like look at guitar shop dudes, where they sit around shooting the shit and shoo off customers. With two of them Mr. Show alumni (Posehn and Ennis), and a talented musician/writer and podcaster on board, you’d pretty much expect to sit back and let the laughter happen. This is mildly funny, and probably worth a look if you’re into any of those guys or into seeing how Gibson is trying to engage with the internet .

In this, the second of the series, the four guys talking about raccoons and how they might or might not make the best musicians when Scott Ian walks in looking to buy some strings. It’s probably not a spoiler alert to say that he doesn’t wind up with the strings, but it is fun to look at Ian in ’80s finery. The Doors’ Robbie Krieger is the guest in the first one.

[via theprp]