On May 22, fans will get to hear Saint Vitus’ Lillie: F-65, their first album of new material since disbanding in 1996 and first with singer Scott “Wino” Weinrich since 1990’s V. Yesterday, though, the doom metal legends gave fans a taste by premiering a new music video for the song “Let Them Fall” over at Revolver Magazine’s website.

We’ve actually already heard “Let Them Fall” thanks to the band’s new label home Season Of Mist, who have been streaming the song on Facebook. Saint Vitus also previously performed a new song called “Blessed Night” live during the Metalliance Tour last year. Nonetheless, the new music video gives us another excuse to listen to blast “Let Them Fall.” And while it would’ve been nice to see a few shots of Saint Vitus performing the song, the eerie video compliments the song as well.

So go ahead and watch the music video for “Let Them Fall,” directed by Michael Panduro for Siegfried Productions in conjunction with Scion A/V, above. Saint Vitus will release their new album Lillie: F-65 in the U.S. on May 22 [note: the European release date is April 27].