Mark this as one of the most interesting metal tours of 2011. It’s been confirmed today that Helmet, Saint Vitus and Crowbar will take part in the inaugural Metalliance Tour this Spring. And as if seeing all three bands on the stage wasn’t enough, Helmet will also perform 1992’s Meantime in its entirety during their set. It’s pretty much a doom-lover’s dream to have Saint Vitus and Crowbar share the same stage, while Helmet’s machine-like fusion of hardcore and metal should prove to be a good, more-uptempo addition.

Saint Vitus guitarist Dave Chandler had the following to say about the tour:

“Saint Vitus is more than ready to infect The Metalliance Tour! We’ve been wanting to do something like this for some time now…so prepare for destruction!!”

Crowbar’s frontman/guitarist Kirk Windstein added the following:

“Wow! This tour is gonna rule! I’ve loved Helmet since the beginning and loved St. Vitus even longer. With the new Crowbar record having hit the streets by then, look out! This bill will bring just what we need to crush each city with an avalanche of stylistic thunder!”

Though exact dates and cities have yet been fully revealed, the tour is expected to run from March 17 to April 5. We will keep you posted when more is revealed. Trust us, we’re dying to find out exact dates as well!