Rody Walker Asks to join Alexandria

Posted by on January 29, 2015


It’s pretty obvious that Protest the Hero need to get back in the studio. I mean, if you watched frontman Rody Walker change a lightbulb a week or two ago, it’s obvious that the guy’s got some time on his hands. Time even enough to make an audition video for Asking Alexandria. His tongue is firmly planted in his cheek when he sings his song about being in Asking Alexandria as he cleans his house, but it’s apparent that if Protest the Hero ever want to go the Weird Al route, they could do it in a second. Rody even looks a hell of a lot like Danny Worsnop at the end of the video. As for Asking Alexandria, they might already have their singer, and they haven’t commented yet. At any rate, Rody is clearly bored and needs to make a new album with his band before he goes crazy.

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