Last week, Asking Alexandria found themselves down a member when Danny Worsnop announced his departure from the band. From the outset, the whole thing seemed very amicable, with statements from both sides stating as much, and the band announcing that they would be playing this Summer’s Warped Tour. That gives the band a few months to find a singer and make sure that he (or she) is up for the challenge of fronting one of the bigger metalcore bands around. According to Alternative Press, they might have already done that, suggesting that Make Me Famous and Down & Dirty singer Denis Shaforostov might be Worsnop’s replacement.

While there’s no official confirmation that Shaforostov is filling the spot in AA, AP cites “numerous sources” and makes an argument with some points that make sense (an Instagram from the singer the day before Worsnop quit with a message about hard work paying off) and some that seem like a stretch (Make Me Famous sounded a lot like AA, so of course). But there’s no denying they were an influence to the Ukranian singer, as there’s a video of him covering an Asking song, which you can see below. If you’ll remember, Shaforostov and Make Me Famous parted on less than great terms a few years back, so hopefully he’ll be able to get along with his new band. Whether that band is Down & Dirty or Asking Alexandria, we’ll have to wait and see.