When a band doesn’t have any plans to release any new music in the near future, the best option would be to release old stuff in the form of re-issues, compilations or live videos. Last month, Rage Against the Machine announced the release of the latter in the form of a DVD,  and they want to show some more of what it’ll be.

The band supported a campaign to promote an alternative to the omnipresent X-Factor winner being the Christmas #1 in the UK singles chart, and donated the proceeds from the sales of “Killing In The Name,” which was #1 , to charity. Lead singer Zack de la Rocha promised that Rage Against The Machine would perform a free concert in the UK to celebrate the achievement.

“Live at Finsbury Park,”  the resulting DVD release from the show, features their concert at the famous park in London back in 2010 and you can take a look at the video below for their track “Bulls on Parade” to get a taste and maybe convince you to preorder the DVD, Blu-Ray  or digital version of it.