Pagan’s Mind release trailer for live dvd/cd “Full Circle”

Posted by on September 21, 2015

The Norwegian progressive/power metal outfit Pagan’s Mind is no stranger to the ProgPower USA festival, so when they were invited over to play for 2014 it was decided that in true PPUSA fashion they would be given time to do a special 2.5 hour, 22 song set where they not only played the entirety of their 2002 release Celestial Entrance, but also recorded their set for use in a live DVD/CD. That show has now gotten a release date and it’s first trailer.

The show is scheduled for release on October 16th via SPV/Steamhammer records, and it is now available for pre-order on their website. Full Circle will be available in DVD/BluRay format, as well as CD, and vinyl. Although the payment is listed in Norwegian Krones, they have a handy conversion calculator at checkout, and even for the larger bundles you’re looking at less than $12 to ship it from Norway to the US.


Track List:

Set 1:

1. Approaching
2. Through Osiris’ Eyes
3. Entrance Stargate
4. …Of Epic Questions
5. Dimensions Of Fire
6. Dreamscape Lucidity
7. The Seven Sacred Promises
8. Back To The Magic Of Childhood I: Conception
9. Back To The Magic Of Childhood II: Exploring Life
10. In Brilliant White Light
11. Aegean Shores
12. The Prophecy Of Pleiades

Set 2:

13. New World Order
14. Intermission
15. Enigmatic Mission
16. Live Your Life Like A Dream
17. Hallo Spaceboy
18. Full Circle
19. Walk Away In Silence
20. Eyes Of Fire
21. God’s Equation
22. United Alliance


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