Ozzy Osbourne reveals he has Parkinson’s disease

Posted by on January 21, 2020

Ozzy Osbourne had his fans concerned when rumors were reported on his health condition, alluding the Prince of Darkness was on his deathbed. Shortly after these absurd reports, Ozzy proved he was no way near his deathbed as he revealed the artwork for his new album, Ordinary Man, as well as announcing the release date (February 21st). However, it was no secret that 2019 was a terrible year for him, which put his touring plans on hold. In an exclusive interview on Good Morning America, Ozzy has expressed he can no longer keep secrets from his fans anymore and wanted to set all rumors aside. The Prince of Darkness shared additional details on his health, which he first expressed how his last show was on New Year’s Eve at the Forum. Roughly one month after his performance, Ozzy had a bad fall in February, which screwed up his neck. Later, he found out he was diagnosed with Stage 2 of Parkinson’s Disease, which is considered a moderate form of the disease.

Ozzy expressed how difficult it’s been for him to tell which pain is from the fall or his Parkinson’s. Later in the interview, his wife, Sharon, revealed they are planning to head out to Switzerland in April to seek a professional who can help him with boosting his immune system and that they are doing everything they can to get him healthy.

Ozzy later expressed how he never felt guilty hiding the truth from his fans but he proved he’s “far from” his deathbed. He admitted that he’s not good with secrets and can no longer run around with it anymore. 

Ozzy wanted his fans to know that he feels better now, and everyone will hang around for him because he needs them.



Watch the exclusive full interview here.


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