Ozzy Man reviewing moshing is hysterical

Posted by on April 25, 2017

The exaggerated narration of hyperactive Australian Ozzy Man has made him a viral legend, what with his unique accent and liberal profanity. His video clips are generally on nature, like the iguana/snake chase from Planet Earth 2 or a praying mantis and a cat ffighting. Recently, however, Ozzy Man Reviews, named because he’s Austrailian, not because he’s the Prince of Darkness, has decided to take on hardcore. And he’s done it with footage from one of the most WTF shows of last year, Drawn Out playing a Cluck-U chicken restaurant in Middletown, NJ.

Ozz Man calls the show a “secret dance club,” which technically it is, since Cluck U management probably had no idea a show was happening after hours. Coming up with names for moves like “legs of mass destruction” and “hyper wind farm” (which isn’t really that far off from a windmill, which it actually is), it’s really more of the guy hyperactively observing nature, even if he thinks he’s taking the piss out of it. He picks up on the fact that if you’re just randomly punched, like a dude is in the clip, there are consequences. Another thing it’s reminded us is that we’re not going to any Drawn Out shows at Cluck U anytime soon. Their fans are maniacs!

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