Jersey hardcore band plays a set at a Cluck-U chicken joint

Posted by on December 28, 2016


Well, now we’ve seen it all. Toms River, NJ is one of the most sprawling suburban towns in New Jersey, and you’d think they might have a music venue there, right? Wrong! Aside from Game Changer World in Howell, about half an hour away, you have to head north to New Brunswick to play a basement show or perhaps Asbury Park. Middletown, NJ band Drawn Out found a way to play a show in the River, however, playing a set at a chicken joint, Cluck-U. It’s uncertain whether the gig was cleared by corporate, but according to the band’s Facebook page, a friend of theirs in the band Depreciator works there and set it up. Apparently, it happened after the place was closed for the evening, so the drumsticks were exchanged for drum sticks. Here’s the set:

[via Lambgoat]

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