New Video Proves “Life Won’t Wait,” Unless You’re F’n Ozzy

Posted by on August 23, 2010


Just before this year’s Ozzfest comes to an end, Ozzy Osbourne has released a video for the new single “Life Won’t Wait,” which was directed by Ozzy’s son Jack.

The video sees the Prince of Darkness trade in the transforming Ozz-rodents from “Let Me Hear You Scream” for death, flashbacks of rock star excess,  and his daughter Kelly partaking in festivities (keeping it in the family). The clip plays as a recollection of Ozzy’s drug abusing, wild partying past…that is until he flashes his vampire teeth at the end. In other words, I can’t even escape from fucking vampires with Ozzy. Damn it! Is he making a return to the Bark at the Moon era? Despite the slight Twighlight inspiration, the video actually came out pretty cool and features a lot of awesome footage of Ozzy performing with his band. Check out the entire video above.

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