New Footage Of The Randy Blythe Incident Surfaces

Posted by on July 3, 2012

The longer Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe sits in a Prague jail awaiting further word on his alleged manslaughter charges, the more it looks like it wasn’t his fault. The Gauntlet has obtained additional footage from the 2010 Prague show where 19 year-old Daniel N. was thrown off the stage three times. Daniel allegedly died two weeks later from bleeding to the brain. And while Blythe comes up on one week of incarceration, the additional footage shows that if he played any part in the unfortunate incident, it was minor at best.

As the Gauntlet breaks it down:

Scene #1 Daniel attempts to climb on stage, suddenly thrusts backwards and hits his head. This is the footage that people have been looking for and looks very violent. The problem is if you look closely, Randy doesn’t kick him. Randy is in the area, but there is a security guard on the floor level that bear hugs Daniel and slams him to the ground. Randy never touched him as seen by his legs what never made a kicking motion. It is very quick, so it is slowed down. People not in the front row most likely never saw the security guard and just saw Randy in the area. We showed this clip to one of our sources that was there in the “3rd or 4th row.” He stated “I never saw a guard there and wouldn’t have believed it unto seeing this. Unbelievable.” Have police or prosecutors spoken with the guard?

Scene #2: Another piece of footage unseen until now. Daniel gets on stage and Randy and others in the band leave him alone. Daniel does his thing, then does a stage dive into the crowd. No one pushes him, no one kicks him or punches him as had been reported on other sites the second time Daniel was on stage. He jumps off the stage and appears to hit the ground as the fans don’t catch him.

Scene #3: This is the footage other sites are playing that shows Randy Blythe loosely holding Daniel’s hair to lead him back into the crowd. You’ll notice that as Randy leads with one hand, the stage security guard shoves with two hands. Has this guard been arrested? Has he been questioned? Another thing you’ll notice is the beer in Daniel’s right hand. Czech press was reporting a toxicology report and alcohol test done and Daniel tested negative, but they were wrong. Neither was conducted so neither exists. Just another rumor that one person posts and everyone else follows and believes as fact.

It’s pretty indisputable that if this footage is from the Prague show, as it appears to be, Blythe is a scapegoat here. Not only does the stage dive look like it might it might have been the start of something, but he clearly has a beer in his hand. That doesn’t make him drunk, necessarily, and the drinking age in the Czech Republic is 18, but it suggests that alcohol may have played a part despite what the press says. And it absolutely shows that the club’s security guard played much more of a part in the incident than anyone might have initially thought.

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