Late last week, we saw Behemoth frontman Nergal’s bluesier side with his folk project Me and That Man. This could have been a surprise to many that had seen the  band’s Satanist tour last year, leading some to wonder what else Nergal’s taste includes. In a recent video, he was willing to share what was in his shopping bag at Amoeba Music in Los Angeles. He went into great detail on his love for bluesy tunes with the Mark Lanegan box set, revealing this was the main inspiration for his new project. He shared the Rare Cult box set featuring rarities from the hard rockers including his appreciation for The Cult’s Beyond Good and Evil (2001).

While sharing his softer choices, Nergal picked up a vinyl of Babymetal. This choice was surprising and unpredictable, and at one point I thought he was serious after hearing him say,

“I don’t know, somebody told me it’s awesome.”   

After a short clip of the band, it cut back to Nergal unable to keep a straight facem admitting:

“I’m fucking with you, I’m not buying that shit. If you like it, that’s your problem.”

While the debate between people that love and hate Babymetal continues, it is clear what side Nergal falls on.

Check out the full video below: