Nachtmystium stream first single from final album

Posted by on July 30, 2014


Other than the fact that the band mastermind went and got himself arrested instead of playing our CMJ showcase last year, we’re fans of Nachtmystium. Blake Judd has been wrestling with his demons for some time now, and as much as it sucked to have them not play our showcase, that time in jail seems to have given him, hopefully, the perspective he needs, as well as sobriety. Here’s what he has to say about “Tear You Down,” the first single streaming from The World We Left Behind.

“Tear You Down” is, by far, the most vicious track both musically and lyrically on “The World We Left Behind“. Musically, its influences range from traditional eastern music (the primary opening riffs scale being derived from the more traditional “middle eastern” style of music, which I have always felt had a unique and creepy vibe to it.) I can also sight Black Sabbath and more modern black metal bands such as Deathspell Omega and Funeral Mist as all being influential in the riffing throughout the track.

Lyrically it deals with the relationship between an all-controlling addiction and its relationship with its user, but from the persepctive of the substance itself rather than the users relationship with the substance. It is very telling of my ongoing relationship with heroin that I struggled with for over four years and viciousness that the drug unleashes mercilessly upon its user. The song tells the story of that dark world from an angle that I feel is different than the way other songs written on the topic by other artists generally approach the subject. I feel the music herein accurately encapsulates the chaos and true darkness of that sad and lonely world.”

The World We Left Behind will be released on Tuesday (5) on Century Media.

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