Ministry Will Do “Anything For You,” Including Debut Unreleased Material

Posted by on December 15, 2014

It’s an interesting time to be a Ministry fan. Not long after frontman Al Jourgensen went back on his plans to break the long-running industrial metal group up after the death of guitarist Mike Sciaccia and announced further tour dates in support of their most recent release, From Beer To Eternity, Uncle Al has also gone back in time to a part of Ministry’s career that he usually prefers not to talk about. Following the recent release of a previously unheard track, “Same Old Madness” from the With Sympathy era was included in the band’s reisue of Twelve Inch Singles 1981-1984, Ministry released another track from the Sympathy sessions this week, “Anything For You.” as part of his “Ministry Mondays” posts on Facebook.

This is noteworthy in one sense due to Jourgensen’s famous disdain for the earliest Ministry material, when the band had a far heavier synthpop influence before darkening their sound for 1986’s Twitch, and were still another record away for more extensively integrating metal into their sound on 1988’s The Land of Rape And Honey. “Anything For You” still has Jourgensen’s unmistakable gravelly singing voice loud and clear, but the upbeat, almost whistling synth leads and dance beat are a far cry from what the band evolved into. “Jesus Built My Hotrod,” this definitely isn’t, but for old-school industrial fans, it’s a treat. Listen to the track below on Youtube, or download the MP3 for free, courtesy of Uncle Al himself.

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