When we last heard from Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen, he was planning on getting hammered to watch the Super Bowl, then checking into rehab the following day. Apparently, it worked out, as the frontman has taken to his Facebook page again. On May 15th, he marked his hundredth day sober to state that he’ll be touring behind Ministry’s most recent (and final, according to him) album, From Beer to Eternity.

Yup you heard right…will be touring the FBTE album….the set will be FBTE in it’s exact order…and a few oldies for an encore…and it just won’t be America and Europe this time….we’ll see ya down under as well as Mexico South America and Japan…so start rounding up every fucking Amish teen you can find and bring em to the shows…..I will exact my revenge on those bastards….I’m still puking from their toxic “wood milk ” shit…….yuk!…if there was ever a reason to tour this is it….oh btw…it’s a secret for now…but I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the dude that’ll take Mikey’s place……ok that’s it….so let it be written …so let it be done….
P.S. still not a chance in hell there will be another Ministry album…..will be doing some side stuff though when I get my ass to LA…..Mikey’s last words to me were….FBTE could not be topped …so why bother MINISTRY RECORDINGS ARE DONE !!!! Carve that shit on a stone tablet!

It’ll be interesting to see who the replacement for Mike Scaccia will be, especially since it’s apparently a well-known person. Guess we’ll have to stay tuned. And while there probably aren’t too many people jonesin’ to hear the band’s last album, it’ll be good to hear the “oldies” that he promises.