Mastodon talk album art with Skinner

Posted by on May 22, 2014


While we’ve only heard a bit of Mastodon’s new album Once More ‘Round the Sun. However, if we’re to judge a book by it’s cover, or an album by it’s album artwork, the album’s already a classic. Artist Skinner has made an album cover so psychedelic that we got a contact high just from looking at it. In an interview with the artist and drummer Brann Dailor on Juxtapoz, we get to see the actual piece, as well as watch him paint a mural. It’s pretty interesting to hear him talk about how the band approached him, also mentioning about how the artwork of an album is somewhat of a lost art form. Also, Brann has a shirt with a kittie on it, so there’s that.

Additionally, while you’ve heard the live version of the album’s “Chimes at Midnight,” the band have launched a teaser clip in which you can hear the song up until when it goes from good to great. Check that out below.










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