Mastodon debut new song, “Toe To Toes”

Posted by on September 1, 2017

2017 is the year of Mastodon. Emperor of Sand was the #1-selling album the week it came out, at least as far as selling actual albums, the first time that’s happened for the  band. They’ve toured a ton, been on Game of Thrones not once but twice this year, and also made the late night  rounds. Hell, Brent Hinds even got married. It turns out that they aren’t done yet, though. They announced a new EP, Cold Dark Place that’ll be out on September 22nd, and yesterday, they premiered “Toe to Toes,” one of four songs on the EP.

“Toe to Toes” was written during the Emperor of Sand sessions, the only of the four songs not recorded during Once More ‘Round the Sun sessions. It’s a major-key tune sung by Brent Hinds that careens between several different tempos. Given that Once More ‘Round the Sun was supposed to have a dark, moody companion EP, it can be assumed that perhaps the other three tracks on the EP will be more subdued, but we’ll have to wait three more weeks to find out. 


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