Lordi, The Milli Vanilli Of Metal?

Posted by on June 24, 2011

EMBED-Metal Band’s Backing Track Skips – Watch more free videos

And here we thought heavy metal had triumphed over cheesy pop in 2006 when Lordi beat out a bunch of lip-syncers to win Eurovision. Readers of Metal Sucks uncovered video of a 2006 festival performance which catches them lip-synching after a backing recording started to skip. The last time something like this happened, as our headline references, was with Milli Vanilli back in the ’90s, and it didn’t end all that well for them.

We knew that Lordi cared more about appearance and gimmick than actual musicianship. Like Metal Sucks, though, we’re more shocked that video of this embarrassing and career ruining incident hasn’t been uncovered until now. You’d think that there’s a bunch of GWAR fans who’d be eager to ruin the reputation of Lordi. Thanks to the web, though, it’s never too late. Check out the video for yourself up top.

[ed. note: if you’re having issues with playing the video, you can go to this link to watch it.]


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