Lordi Kicks Out Drummer Because He Unmasks?

Posted by on October 4, 2010

Lordi (aka the PG version of GWAR) has announced that they have parted ways with drummer Kita (real name Sampsa Astala). The band released the following statement:

“Kita has made a decision to pursue his own career publicly as himself, without his alter ego Kita. This is in direct conflict with one of the cornerstones of Lordi’s image. Therefore it is not possible for him to continue as a member of the band anymore.

Lordi will continue as always, masked and costumed, consisting of monster personas. Also, the upcoming tour will happen as planned. We thank Kita for the years he has been an important part of the band and our successes and wish him all the best in his future.”

So wait, correct me if I’m wrong but did Lordi basically kick out their drummer because he didn’t want to wear a costume while doing a side project? Not because he wanted to pursue other musical avenues, but because he wanted to do it without wearing a mask? Really?! I would argue that maybe they were just poking fun at themselves in light of losing a drummer, but the statement seems pretty serious. Talk about a band taking themselves too seriously while everyone else doesn’t.

Funny enough, Astala’s new project Stala & So. (which he sings in) will be competing to represent Finland in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest (the same European contest Lordi won in 2006). Above is a picture of Kita in persona, but if you dare, check out Astala unmasked after the jump.

No, this not Lordi's female keyboardist. This is indeed Kita.

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