Little person tears it up at Lamb of God wall of death

Posted by on November 21, 2013

We want to be politically correct here. We’re not sure whether we should call this guy a midget, a dwarf, a little person, or height-impaired. All we know is that when Metal Insider reader and WMSE/Milwaukee metal DJ Alexander S. wrote a Facebook post saying “In all my years, I have never been hit that hard in the pit. And it was by a midget,” we were instantly intrigued. And then video surfaced of a wall of death during the Lamb of God show on Tuesday night (19) at the Rave, showing said dude jumping around. Naturally, we had to post it, and while there isn’t any video of Alexander getting clocked, you can clearly see the guy getting ready to go apeshit. Sir, whoever you are, you can apparently hold your own in the pit, and we’re proud of you.


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